Monday, November 14, 2011

Update from the funhouse

Wowzers. Here's what happening in our world:

  • The company where hubby works was a family-owned business for over 30 years, and it was announced on Thursday that it has been sold to an investment group. Still not sure what all this will mean to us... No change to his employment in the immediate future, but we're still hoping they double his salary ;)

  • Friday saw major changes in 2 friends' lives: a new grandbaby and the death of a father. So goes the circle of life.

  • Happy b-day to my wonderful husband. Low-key celebration at home because we were busy prepping for the yard sale, which leads us to:

  • Complete and total insanity. Sale was advertised 8-12 (Saturday only). Thankfully I had borrowed tables from several friends so had everything already set up in the garage. When we opened the doors at 7:30 to begin taking tables out, there were already six cars parked in front of our house, waiting to pounce. People were literally pawing through the piles as we were bringing tables out, trying to scoot around us to get inside at the other tables. We did NOT want people in our garage as hubby has a lot of tools which were definitely not for sale. We basically were yelling at people to let us bring stuff out, and elderly ladies were fighting over kids' t-shirts. We had already made $100 by 8 am. We also had three people fighting over the plastic chandelier we had removed from the front room when we moved in - that was our big ticket item at $15!

  • Haggling over prices at a yard sale is normal. I get that, and enjoy a bit of dickering myself. I thought I was prepared. HA! People didn't just negotiate, they ARGUED. Loudly and repeatedly. And the language barrier makes this particularly stressful. People were grabbing armloads of stuff and trying to pay less than half price. Uh, no. I had one lady grab basically all the kitchen stuff I had, and as we were talking price it became evident she didn't even know what a few of the things were (i.e. rice cooker).

  • I had taken out 2 separate ads - one for the general yard sale, and another specifically for the scrapbooking & stamping supplies I had. This was stuff that I can make good $ for on ebay, but I figured since I was already messing with a yard sale I'd see what I could sell here and avoid the hassle of listing & shipping; the idea was that if I even had 2 or 3 ladies who actually knew what the stuff was, it would still be a profitable day. I did have a few people show up who were excited to see quality stamping supplies, but most people were baffled that I would have the nerve to ask $10 for a box of blocks (my neighbor had some stuff out, and several people were complaining to her about my prices). The most bizarre customer of the day, though, showed up right at 8 and obviously knew a little something about papercrafting. She proceeded to alternately shop and argue about prices for TWO STINKIN' HOURS. Every time I quoted a price, she said, "Too much, too much!" but then wouldn't put it down, either. She was telling me that she could get it cheaper at Hobby Lobby.* Oh, and had she reminded me that it was all for her sweet grandbabies?! Anyway, the marathon negotiations finally drew to a close and I was thankful to send her of with a large bag of goodies for $60. (Paid for with a $100 bill, by the way). An hour later, she was back in her big ol' Cadillac SUV announcing that she changed her mind and wanted to exchange 2 of the stamp sets (small ones) for larger ones. Seriously?!? I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I needed to post "All sales final. No returns or exchanges" at a yard sale!

  • Our little classified ad was located right next to the giant display ad for a local "gentlemen's" club. Always lovely to be associated with discount lap dances.

  • I went to the bank this morning to deposit our piles o' cash. I was chatting with the teller as he counted 1s - he commented on my non-local name, and I said I was originally from Billings. Turns out he actually lived in the tiny town in eastern MT where my Mom was raised. Bizarre.

  • Bass Pro Shop is opening here on Thursday morning. Guess where hubby would like to spend the aforementioned piles' o cash? ;)

  • I've been deemed the best microwave popcorn maker ever. Yes, punching in 3 minutes takes some mad skill! I'd like to thank my daughter as well as the makers of artificial butter and Kenmore for making this possible.

  • I've not been doing so well in the appropriate portions/healthy eating department. I can make all kinds of excuses, but obviously no one is force-feeding me. My FP4H group met for the last time this morning, and still not sure whether a new one will be forming after the holidays. I need accountability, and am not sure how I'm going to deal with this particular issue.

  • Obviously there are a ton of other things going on, too, mostly school & church related. The kids have been attending AWANA each week, which they're loving, and it gives hubby & I some glorious time alone to do exciting stuff like shop for cell phones or plumbing fixtures. Our kids' program at church is also moving on full steam ahead, and we're even doing a small Christmas program for the first time ever. Exciting!

  • Last but not least, we did change cell phone providers, and just couldn't justify the expense of carrying the PA numbers over, so we've officially gone all Texan. Hubby's phone # previously belonged to Luis Gonzalez, who evidently had some serious issues with paying bills, so hubby has had the pleasure of speaking to a variety of creditors. Fun fun!

  • I know there were several other witty things I wanted to post, but I really need to get my hiney off the chair and pick the kids up from school. Later!

* Further explanation: some truth here, but honestly 90% of what I had could not be purchased at HL; you can't compare generic lightweight cardstock to Bazzill! This lady was trying to buy a Kia at a Cadillac lot.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Funny

Came across this earlier this week, and because of my Halloween costume I just couldn't resist sharing!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween at our house

Halloween 2011
Last Friday was "Hero Day" at school - our daughter was sick and missed out on the fun, but our son went as Dr. Who. I know it's kind of hard to see what's in his hand, but that's supposed to be his sonic screwdriver :) For the candyfest Monday evening, our son decided to be Indiana Jones (the young version!) and our daughter wanted to be a flower fairy. And me? Well, I couldn't be left out of the dress-up fun so I was a reading fairy... I bought an old etiquette book and then proceeded to rip it apart to make wings, tutu, necklace, scepter, and even embellished earrings. A good time was had by all!