Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picture Day Practice

Today was picture day. This meant that we spent approximately 14 hours last night discussing what clothes would be good for a photo - btw, this translates to 13 hours and 56 minutes for our daughter, and 4 minutes for our son. Anyhoo, we were able to pick outfits that were agreeable to everyone, and in an effort to avoid another situation such as this, I decided to do a "test run" this morning.

Thankfully down here they send proofs home and THEN we can decide whether to purchase photos - it will be interesting to see what emerges... D is still a bit peeved that I wouldn't let him take his glasses with him. Yeah, I'm mean that way. (And a disclaimer - he'd just gotten out of the shower, so his hair is wet, not slimy)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random Bits

First off, some exciting bits: our son has had *three* good weeks of school. In a row. Truly, this is an answer to prayer. Now obviously we still have a lot of school year left, but I'm so thrilled to have a bit of positive momentum. In other happy news, it seems he is developing 1 genuine friendship, which once again is cause for celebration. And he's even been doing his daily reading without too much whining. Yippee!

In other thrilling news, we are personally acquainted with the Great American Worker! We attended the little ceremony earlier this week; obviously we are excited for our friends (and their awesome new truck!) but the kids were more excited about the fact that the conference room had enough spinny chairs for everyone and that they each got to take home their own personal hand sanitizer (foaming!!) and pack of toilet paper. Yes, we know how to live it up...

In sad news, I've been bombarded with news of dissolving marriages these past 10 days, and it's extremely disheartening. I'm always saddened when I hear that someone has chosen to walk away from what should be a lifelong commitment, particularly when it's announced with a shrug and a statement such as, "We just weren't happy together anymore." Now I realize that there is often a mountain of hurt and anger hidden behind such sentiments, but regardless, I hate hearing it. And FYI - if you're about to tell me that you've split from your spouse, please do not do so through the window of my car while I'm in the pick-up line at school and I'm being yelled at to pull forward. Thank you.

In home news, we are planning a mega yardsale the second weekend in November, and our music/libary space has turned into a giant pile o' stuff. It's ridiculous how much extra our family has! And I can't help but being excited about the huge influx of cash will be receiving from the venture. (Note: preceding sentence is to be read with as much sarcasm as possible). Our highs are still around 97 every day, but at least our nights are dropping into the 70s; we are still hopping in our pool multiple times a week, and Friday night when we got out the kids were complaining they were cold so we finished off the night with hot cocoa :) I'm back to volunteering at the school and our local museum, plus doing another First Place 4 Health Bible Study and then working with our preschool ministry at church. No, I do not get bored during the day! Truly, we are doing well, but hubby was been putting in some long hours at work -- it stinks, but I'm trying to stay focused on the fact that he has a good job. Gratitude - a simple word but a tough habit to develop...

"Actually, I don't have a sense of needing anything personally. I've learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I'm just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. " (Philippians 4:11-13, The Message)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Settling back in...

We are in the third week of school, and are pretty much back into our semi-normal routine. Our son liked the first day of school, but has been complaining ever since -- see what I mean we're right back to normal?! But seriously, he is still struggling with the whole school scene, and we'd appreciate your prayers for 1) wisdom for us as to how hard to push him and when to step back & 2) a close friend or two. Daughter is doing well, and if anything she's a bit jealous of all the attention (however negative!) her brother is getting, and we're trying to come up with some appropriate incentives for her. Man, this parenting gig is tough! BTW, the pic is just for comic relief - I cut these crazy eyes out of a magazine ad, and the kids were goofing around...

As for the house, the kitchen is basically shiny & happy (until we finally reach the major reno stage), and we're now deciding what exactly we're going to do with the living room. It's still "urine sample" yellow and the 17' ceilings (on one side) mean we must rent scaffolding in order to repaint - and as long as we're up there, we also need to change some wiring and switch out cheap, wobbly ceiling fans and the ugly hanging light. We also have a brick fireplace that will not be changing (as much as I'd like to paint it, I am bowing to hubby's wishes on this one) plus the brown tile floors are sticking around for awhile longer; I really want to bring in some blues, and I stumbled onto this fabulous - and only $50!!!! - rug at Lowe's two weeks ago after I returned some plumbing fixtures (another long story, but the happy result is my shower no longer leaks!). I immediately fell in love - browns, rusts, greens, and blues can all happily co-exist! Will basically be planning the room around this, and am waiting for Hobby Lobby's fabrics to go on sale so I can pick up 10 yards of curtain material.

So what else is happening at our place? Well, we had our first full family Monopoly game on Friday night. The kids really didn't understand all the concepts, but they had a ball (and Daddy happily trounced us all). The temps are finally cooling down a bit, so have been able to spend a bit more time outside. We also currently have an interesting assortment of buckets piled on our living room floor for the express purpose of letting our son drum on them. No, this was not my idea. And yes, we are considering purchasing a real drum set. I predict more ibuprofen in my future ;)