Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Palm Sunday

Sorry, I know I haven't posted much here lately.  Life is just busy - nothing out of the ordinary, but not taking the time to sit down here and spill my guts ;)  Maybe in May?

I did want to share these couple pictures from the past Sunday.  Our kiddos sang Hosanna with our worship team, complete with palm choreography. I didn't take either of these, but you can see A in the first photo (dress with the turquoise sash) and I promise D is in the second row on the left side.  They did a great job, and yes, the second photo DOES show them rocking out during the guitar bridge (yeah, our church does things a little differently, ha!)

And well, then we come to Tuesday.  D woke up in the morning complaining that his throat hurt.  I gave him an ibuprofen and sent him to school.  He was mopey after school, but he'd had a less than fabulous day so initially I chalked it up to that -- fast forward an hour, and he's laying on the couch crying that everything hurts.  Fever of 103.2.  Off to the doctor's office we go!!  Yes, we celebrated "Tax Day" not by driving around to random places to get free cookies and/or half price drinks, but instead getting a prescription filled. And just in case you can't read that fine print - it was $15.... but
  Your insurance saved you: $389.89.  OH.MY.LANTA.  Obviously if we didn't have insurance we would not have gotten this, and then I would have had a miserable boy for even longer.  I'm so thankful for hubby's job that provides quality benefits!