Friday, May 29, 2009


There's something new on our front lawn. The market may be rough, but we serve a BIG God!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's official - we have a house in TX! Now we just need to get this one sold... we'd really appreciate your prayers as the timing is going to be a bit tight. So much to get done in the next 2 months or so. Oh, and I'll try to post some pics within the next couple days, too!

So what else is happening? Well, took our son to the hosptital yesterday for pre-op stuff so now we're all set for the tubes to be put in next Wednesday. Field day at school tomorrow, and MIL flies in tomorrow night. Our niece graduates H.S. on Sunday, so the weekend is full of family events. And then hubby heads back to TX next weekend for 2 weeks. Sigh. I keep reminding myself that this is a crazy but brief period in our lives...

And this pic? Just a happy time as we walked to school this morning, and the kids decided to hold hands. I pulled out my phone and snapped; definitely not high quality, but at least I was able to capture the essence of the moment.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's up?

It's been a busy couple days, but thought I'd take advantage of the hotel's free internet and share an update (because for some crazy reason hubby is still sleeping, while I'm wide awake, showered, and ready to go!)

We're currently in South Texas on a house-hunting expedition. No, we haven't sold our current house yet. Trying really hard not to get anxious about that detail - I know it's all in God's hands. Anyway, we arrived Wednesday night, tried to get some sleep, and then met with the realtor on Thursday morning. We had done a lot of legwork online, so knew the general areas we wanted and had narrowed it down to 12 homes we wanted to see. Saw them all, and came up with our top two. And funnily enough, the home we were most excited about didn't make the cut (although it had 4 acres and sounded fabulous in the description, it wasn't quite what we had anticipated). We scheduled follow-up visits for the top 2 - one in the city and one a bit further out, but would mean a shorter commute for hubby - and after talking a bit more with the realtor, decided to check out 2 more "city" houses that were in the same neighborhood as the other (both of which I'd looked at oneline, but had rejected. Both were recent listings, and I wasn't impressed with the photos). All have pools, which is something we really wanted since we know we'll be really stinkin' hot this summer! :)

So we headed off yesterday to see our 2 homes: The first one we stopped at (actually #2 in preference, though) was in the city in an established neighborhood. AMAZING kitchen and a nice layout, but the 4th bedroom (office/guest room) was pretty small. Off to house #2 in the same neighborhood. It knocked the other "city" house out of the running. Larger bedrooms, and another great kitchen, but pool was showing some signs of wear (one thing my amazing hubby can't fix himself). Third stop was a bit 70s for me (based on pictures) but holy schnikees was the place amazing! SO much inside space, plus a really nice patio, sparkling pool, beautifully landscaped (complete with mature palms, which I've always loved for some crazy reason) and a floor plan that just seemed to go on forever. Kitchen needs a bit of work, but the space itself is good. After much debate, we decide this is the new city frontrunner, and we head off to the last house - our first choice based on the initial viewing. The house itself was nice, but nothing spectacular - the but the outside space and view was absolutely amazing. Covered patio along the entire house, pool (complete with outdoor shower to get cleaned up), and on the back of is a resaca, which is basically a large creek (where we could add a small fishing pier if desired and can actually take out non-powered boats). Didn't like the layout of the bedrooms quite as well, plus there was no bathroom easily accessible from outside.

Headed back to the office, and after much debate (including studies of previous inspections, tax reports, etc.) decided to make an offer on the city house. It needs a bit of updating, but it's all cosmetic stuff. And while the other house would shave some time off of hubby's commute, everything else we'd want to do (including our church, most likely) will be much closer to that house. It's a contingency offer and there are some other factors as well, so now we're just waiting for a response from the other owners.

Today's plan? We're off to South Padre Island! Stroll the beach, eat seafood, and probably take in a museum or two this afternoon. I've been drinking Squirt, chowing on Mexican (oh, for the love of fresh tortillas!!), and enjoying the gulf breeze. Yep, I think we're really going to like it here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

H-A-H University

Motherhood is a valid profession.

It is that belief that inspired Jill Savage and a group of women to plan the first Hearts at Home conference 16 years ago. Today these conferences are a place where moms can go to find the encouragement and education they need to do this mothering thing right!

The problem is, not everyone can attend a Hearts at Home conference, so Hearts at Home University was created!

Hearts at Home University is a new resource designed to encourage and equip you in your journey as a parent! These live web casts, affordably priced at $15 each, allow you to tap into continuing education as a mom on a regular basis right from the comfort of your own computer.

The topics that will be covered over the Spring and Summer Semester include:

“Is There Really Sex after Kids” with Jill Savage
“She’s Gonna Blow” with Julie Barnhill
“Redefining Romance” with Mark and Jill Savage
“Keeping Your Ducks in a Relative Row” with Karen Ehman

For information on dates and times, or to register go here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Kids, Mother's Day 09 A pensive moment Who can resist those grins?
Before church yesterday, I took the kids outside for a quick photo shoot. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with the two munchkins who provide me with that title? ;)

(On a side note, our son was looking for me after service and asked several people if they'd seen "Trish." Yep, he's going through yet another fun stage! And then there was the incident at Wal-Mart earlier in the week: we were checking out, and he says to the clerk - loudly - "Hey, babe!" Never a dull moment around here...)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funny

We are surrounded by new babies and pregnant women, so I was cracking up over this post: Biblical Names

#13 is almost enough to make me want another baby. Slow down, I said ALMOST!! :) Oh, and can I just say that #15 made me laugh. Loudly.

And there is plenty more to be found there - stuff that makes you not only laugh, but think as well. Check out Judging those who use their Bible's Table of Contents, Joking about sex during wedding ceremonies (there's some hysterical comments, too), and Finding out whether you drink beer. Enjoy ~ and I apologize in advance if you somehow lose an hour out of your day...