Thursday, September 27, 2012

Conversation with our son

We've been talking a *lot* about how important it is to do your best at school.

D came home today and proudly announced he was called a nerd, which therefore means he is smart.

(Or "Smartie Pants" is what came to my mind, but I bit my tongue.)

He then pointed out that *I* was also a nerd, and should be working and making lots of money.

We then exchanged the following dialogue, as best as this mama's brain can recall:

Me: "D, Daddy and I worked really hard to pay for things before you were born so that I didn't have to work, but could stay home with you."

D: "But you could go back now and we could get a nanny!"

Me: "But why would I want someone else to take you to school, pick you up and everything else?"

D: "Well, I like having you, but I'd like to be rich."

After I stepped away to stifle the snorts of laughter compose myself, we then had a chat about Jesus' teaching about not storing up earthly treasures.  But man, I have to admit that wouldn't mind showing what great stewards we could  be with our family's millions!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I know I still haven't uploaded pics from our vacation like I promised, but I am taking a couple minutes for a sappy mama moment.

Lately I have encountered a couple women who seemingly do nothing but complain about their children: laziness, bad grades, stubbornness, potty mouth, etc.  And sometimes it's all too easy to join in with my own examples of motherly frustrations.

But truly, I would hate to imagine how dull life would be without our goofballs.

I love their amazing enthusiam for life, the eagerness to try new things (D charges in, while A will hang back a moment but you can see it in her face how much she wants to join in!).  The hugs that nearly knock a person over.  The excited accounts of things that happened at school.  The corny jokes. The times they gather around a pile of Legos and play amazingly well together.  Their tender hearts, bruised by a hard situation or laid bare when we pray together.

A friend and I were talking earlier this week about how incredibly difficult parenting is - the continual battle between letting them grow and learn from the scuffles vs. fiercely protecting them from the big bad world.  I know this will be even harder in the years ahead - won't be long before D is in middle school! {yikes!!!}

But truly, I am so blessed.

Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift? 
The fruit of the womb his generous legacy? 
(Psalm 127:3, The Message)