Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funny

We are surrounded by new babies and pregnant women, so I was cracking up over this post: Biblical Names

#13 is almost enough to make me want another baby. Slow down, I said ALMOST!! :) Oh, and can I just say that #15 made me laugh. Loudly.

And there is plenty more to be found there - stuff that makes you not only laugh, but think as well. Check out Judging those who use their Bible's Table of Contents, Joking about sex during wedding ceremonies (there's some hysterical comments, too), and Finding out whether you drink beer. Enjoy ~ and I apologize in advance if you somehow lose an hour out of your day...


Jeff and Meg said...

This is the precise reason that Jeff won't let us name the baby Luke, because of Star Wars! Yet he wants to tell everyone we're naming him Jesus. He says 'why not, its Biblical!' :)

Shay said...

lol at the baby names! love it :) when I was expecting Tyler I wanted to tell my FIL that we were choosing "Cosmo" as a middle name, just to see what his reaction would be. Tom never let me do it though. :P