Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting back to "normal"

...whatever that is!

It's officially summertime at the D House. Memorial Day weekend was spent with family, playing tourist in Port Isabel, swimming, and even a bit of fishing. (I have pics, but haven't tackled the photo uploading/editing process on this new computer. Soon, soon!) We're settling back into a bit of a routine - a challenge since I no longer get to turn our son over to the elementary school for a chunk o' the day ;) Seriously, though, I think I'm nearly caught up and "recovered." The kids definitely sensed my emotional state as they've both been very well-behaved these past couple days and providing lots of hugs for me. Nothing better than impromptu kid squeezes & exclamations of, "You're the best mom in the whole world!" to cheer a person up. (On a side note, who knew spending $10 at Burger King was all it took to earn the Top Mommy crown?!?)

Still a lot more projects I'm hoping to tackle this month. I did manage to paint both the dining area & kitchen in May, and already have paint for two more rooms. Realistically, though, I don't think I'll be doing that until September; I want to work on general organization this summer so that things are running more smoothly when school starts back up in the fall. Now that we've been here for 10 months (how on earth did that happen?!) I have a pretty good idea of what's working & what isn't and am ready to switch around storage areas and such. And yes, still more decluttering.... there's still too much stuff in this household!!

The next two weeks include VBS for the kiddos at 2 different churches (I have been known to mock parents who "use" these programs this way. No more!), I have a couple of follow-up doctor & dentist appointments, and yes - more company arrives :)

And just a forewarning - I've been thinking a lot about hospitality these past couple weeks. Imagine that! You'll probably be seeing a post about that sometime next week.


Jessi said...

I'll help you paint if we can "use" you for your pool. ::wink:: I've never thought to enroll in two different VBS programs...I'm just excited that Josiah is finally old enough to participate. :-)

Enjoy the beginning weeks of summer...and your company.

Jessica said...

I hope to paint this summer, or in September, and get all the carpets cleaned.

You could never tell it, but I gave away a huge truck full of stuff (two huge t.v.s, a chair, boxes and boxes of stuff) and still have so much more to get rid of. I am even going to try to find homes for some of the stuff still in boxes in the garage and we have lived her 5 years!

I have never been on a binge like this, cleaning out cob-webs and junk, maybe it is a spiritual thing?

I don't know, but my kids are freaking out a bit.

"Mom, don't get rid of that TOO!"

Jessica said...

lol. not Jessica, it's me Dapoppins. Time to go change my profile.

Shay said...

I don't know how, but every summer I am amazed at how LONNNNG the days are when there's no school. 0_0 All the activities I had in mind could fill up maybe a day and a half of all those empty hours!
Kudos to you on your organization kick. I just added some organizing guru woman on facebook earlier today in an effort to figure some things out too. :)