Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picture Day Practice

Today was picture day. This meant that we spent approximately 14 hours last night discussing what clothes would be good for a photo - btw, this translates to 13 hours and 56 minutes for our daughter, and 4 minutes for our son. Anyhoo, we were able to pick outfits that were agreeable to everyone, and in an effort to avoid another situation such as this, I decided to do a "test run" this morning.

Thankfully down here they send proofs home and THEN we can decide whether to purchase photos - it will be interesting to see what emerges... D is still a bit peeved that I wouldn't let him take his glasses with him. Yeah, I'm mean that way. (And a disclaimer - he'd just gotten out of the shower, so his hair is wet, not slimy)


Jeff and Meg said...

James has his first school pictures next week and I am afraid he is going to give the blank stare that he inherited from Jeff. I think some coaching is in order around here, too.

Shay said...

These are great, Trish! :)

I decided to bail on school pictures this year. I always hate the way they turn out, and we don't get to preview them. I'd rather take them myself or go to Penney's and KNOW I'm getting good pics.