Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Lists

So does anyone do these with their kids? It's not something we actively promote (we're definitely not writing letters to Santa!) but the kids have heard about "the list" from friends and have latched onto it as any good little consumer should (snort). They even got creative a few weeks ago and cut pictures from the Sunday ads and glued them to construction paper. It really is funny to see how they're transitioning from big to little (insert tearful mama here) - our son wants Legos, video games, a fancy scooter and drums; daughter still loves Polly Pockets but has also requested a slide guitar and a TV remote.... and glittery makeup. Oh, and both kids now want their own Kindle Fire, too (which I received as an early Birthday/Christmas gift - I'm diggin' it but have to fight the rest of the family for use of it) I love seeing the people they're becoming, but a part of me misses shopping for cute little toys for ages 3 and under.

On another note, what on earth is up with the recommended gift lists floating around online?! We're in the midst of a recession, right? MSN and Yahoo are constantly running stories about cutting expenses, better budgeting and the like - and now they're rolling out lists of what to buy everyone... from the "neighbor with a collection of lawn gnomes" or "cousin you haven't seen in 13 years" I guarantee you can find some bizarre suggestion of how to part with your money. I like to read these as I find them amusing, and occasionally have stumbled onto a neat idea. This year, though, they seem downright stupid: gold flake coasters, surfboards, $800 sunglasses and such. Another article announced you can't go wrong buying a Nissan Leaf for your significant other. Uh, yes you can! Hubby would probably have a stroke if I took him outside to see his brand new vehicle, considering we spent two months researching models before we took the plunge on buying a $100 blu-ray player.

Rant complete. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'd like cash this year ;)


Shay said...

amen & amen! I record all tv shows and fast forward through commercials, and this time of year it's more necessary than ever. It's so tedious, oy! lol at the comic. I do have my kids flip through the toy catalog and circle some things, only so Santa can get some ideas. But I also have always made it very clear that these are just suggestions and there are no guarantees that Santa will get it. Of course, I only have one kid left who still believes in Santa, lol.

Jeff and Meg said...

No Christmas lists here. My neighbor tried to give them 'the big wish book' from Toys R Us last year and I feel bad now, but if looks could kill he would have dropped dead right there. I didn't let them take it home!