Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wahoo & Ramblings

I have so much craziness rolling around in my head right now.  Here's the highlight reel :)

- I attended the Women of Faith conference in San Antonio last weekend.  There were some wonderful moments, and plenty I could have lived without, too.  Rode up on a bus, and it turned out that most of the ladies were significantly older, and from another more traditional church.  One lady in particular had taken it upon herself to arrange activities (announced by the ringing of a handbell every 15 min or so) including the "gossip" game ("Mary and her mother went to the mall to buy a mink coat. Pass it on!"), reading chirpy "heartwarming" emails (the annoying ones I immediately delete) and even a singalong which she led by warbling into the intercom.  Oh, how I wish I were kidding.  She had asked another lady to bring her tambourine, but she forgot (sigh of relief!) - oh, but wait! Inspiration!  We all have "shaky" things in our purse, right?  We then sang "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" accompanied by the shaking of a giant tub of Tums.  I. Cannot. Make. This. Stuff. Up. I had attended another WoF back in 2004 in Philly and wasn't all that impressed - it was more like a Jesus Pep Rally that lacked depth -- there was definitely more "meat" this time around and I did enjoy several of the speakers (Jennie Allen, Sheila Walsh, Angie Smith & Lisa Harper were great), but honestly I kind of hit info overload... not to mention my body was just tired of all the sitting (4 hour drive up, session Fri night, sessions all day Saturday, and then 4 hour drive home, arriving home about 11:30)  I also got a little annoyed with all the mini-commercials from the various sponsors. Yes, I clearly am annoyed entirely too easily.  You can see me in the group photo above - I'm the red girl in a sea of blue, because I didn't get the updated email with adjusted attire suggestions! I did manage to pick up a few little goodies while I was in the big city - found the motherlode of accessories store, and bought the kids glasses for a whopping $3 each, and then on the way home we stopped at a diner and I bought a 3 lb cinnamon roll (as seen on "Man vs. Food") to bring home for breakfast.  When A saw it, she blurted it, "That thing is as big as my head!"  Yep, welcome to Texas Li'l Lady!! :)

 In other kid updates:
* Our daughter is becoming quite the fashionista.  She layered a shirtdress (solid black) over a printed tank dress, and only buttoned the two waist buttons.  It looked fab.  Perhaps she can start advising me on my wardrobe!  I met with her teacher last week (general conferences now that we're 2/3 of the way into 1st quarter) and had a lovely report. She's doing very well academically (no surprise, there!)  but the teacher commented about what a kind heart she had, and how willing she was to help others.  Now *THAT* makes a mama's heart sing!  On a sadder note, she started feeling sick on Thurs night and we ended up in the doctor's office on Friday.  It all started with a sore throat, but her breathing was very rattly and I wanted to get her checked out - her oxygen levels were definitely low, and she ended up with a breathing treatment and steroid shot in the office just to get the inflammation in her lungs down, and 3 more prescriptions over the next few days.  So thankful for modern medicine. And insurance!
* Will be meeting with son's teacher tomorrow.  I'm really happy with the teacher he has, and while he still has a ways to go to perform at his full potential, he really is doing so much better.  He's made some friends (have another sleepover scheduled this weekend!), and also has discovered that he enjoys drawing.  He's still my little man who holds nothing back, whether it's a hug or a complaint about life :)

- I belong to a local "garage sale" site on fb, and rather than repeat last year's yard sale fiasco, I've been listing stuff on the site.  So far have managed to clear out a good pile of junk and made about $100 in just the last three days.  Yeehaw!  On a side note, it's really funny seeing what others have posted:  Hint: if you list a pair of Target shoes for $25, and repeatedly bump them with $1 or $2 price reductions and they still haven't sold in 2 weeks then I think it's safe to say that no one is interested.  Oh, and tonight someone posted a "Grime Reaper" costume for sale.  I think I deserve some kind of award for not posting a snarky comment about cleaning my bathroom...

- Our church is growing up!  It was started as an outreach across town several years ago, and as of today we're our own, independent body with its own tax ID and everything!  It's been kind of strange learning how this process works in the Methodist denomination (I could write a whole article just on that)  This was a pic that someone shared on facebook  - yes, we meet in a school cafeteria.  You can see hubby in the back (standing at the sound board)

Yawn. Will try to post more later.


Jeff and Meg said...

The first paragraph made me laugh really hard. I am sorry you had to endure. There must be a special reward for you in heave just for that. ;0)

Shay said...

The church lady reminds me of some in my old church, I love it! I had no idea that Tums were so musical, I'll have to keep that in mind.
I've done WoF many times and agree that for a while it was like a pep rally w/o much substance. I stopped going for a few years for that reason. I went the last two years and I think this year's was the best it's ever been. We had different speakers than you of course, but I do think they've stepped it up.