Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Funny (or some sarcasm at the very least)

These are my cell phone cases.  Being the klutz I am a protective case is not optional -- but mine is a somewhat unusual model so the cases aren't common.  I tracked down these two on Amazon, and while they weren't the style I would generally be drawn to, I figured I could live with them.  The one of the left is the one that I had on my phone when we went to PA this summer.  It's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but those silver and black bumps are each faceted, and the base is silver glitter.  When I pull it from my purse/pocket in TX, I get comments like, "Ooh, I love that!" and, "Where did you get it?!"  When I pulled it out in PA, I was subject to lots of giggles and comments like, "Wow, now THAT is a Texas phone!"  Yes, it's true that I've probably adapted to my new locale more than I realize ;)  Anyway, my blingy zebra case had a small clip break off, so it's gone to the big trash can in the sky and I've moved on to the multicolor cheetah.  Not sure whether it's an improvement or not.
- . - . -

And finally, another update from the crazy world of the online yard sale. Someone recently moved here and shared this photo with the accompanying comments: "I'm very talented can do any makeup type up to black smokey eyes go neutral makeup. Makeup looks very very professional and If u want fake eyelashes will do them just for $3 more." and then later added: " If u have curly hair I can scrunch hair realy good."

I added the eye pasties to obscure the individual's identity.  Let's just say that I will be not be utilizing her services.  I'm not joking when I say this is a standard "day" look, though.  

Funny story:  June, 2010, I dropped the kiddos off for a morning VBS program and went to Merle Norman for a mini-makeover (it was free, and I needed foundation).  I specifically told the make-up technician that I wanted a very simple day look with MINIMAL makeup.  I must have repeated this 3-4 times: I described myself as low maintenance, that I didn't want someone to look at me and immediately notice that I was wearing makeup, etc.  Well, she went to work; I did not have my glasses on so couldn't really see what she was doing, but it seemed that she was putting on an awful lot of product.  I questioned her, and she assured me that it looked great - she finished up  and presented me with a mirror.  I did not know whether to laugh or cry -- I felt like a clown with heavy eyeliner, glittery shadow, doll cheeks, noticeable lipliner... the works.  The lady who'd applied it was genuinely shocked when I told her I didn't like anything about it (other than the foundation, LOL)  I purchased that one tube, went home and scrubbed at my face for almost ten minutes.  I used three different makeup removers and STILL felt like I had gunk around my eyes.

Oh, the joys!!


Jeff and Meg said...

At my sister's wedding, one of her friends volunteered to do my makeup. Being make-up challenged I agreed. Well, she stood back and declared loudly 'OMG!! It looks just like a sunset!!!!' Yah, not what you want to hear. I was afraid to look in the mirror and it was bad news.
P.S. Eye pasties!!! lol

Dapoppins said...

I've never had someone put make up on me like that. Well once I let a four year old and a two year old set to work, and there was much effort involved, but it also wasn't a look I was comfortable wearing in public! I might like to be made for "glamor shots" once in my life, but I think once will be enough.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! It's grand to see your still here and still blogging!

How are you keeping track of blogs now? I lost mine after goggle dumped the reader and I was to lazy to switch.