Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Funny: home design ad

I often find myself chuckling at the absurdity of rooms in decorating magazines.  Obviously they're staged to look good in pictures as opposed to actual LIVING - and while I often shake my head or roll my eyes, this ad actually make me laugh out loud.

I'm all about planning ahead, but seriously, people, how much wood do you want IN YOUR HOUSE?  And what's up with the candles?!?  Come check out the latest from RL: "Paranoid Doomsday Prepper Chic"

(This is from the September 2013 issue of House Beautiful)


Jeff and Meg said...

I actually saw this in another home dec mag recently and thought it was stupid. And the 'look' wouldn't stay the same as you burn through the firewood. After a while (if you didn't burn your house down with all those candles) it would just look like a sloppy wood pile on the floor.

Trish D said...

And being in South Texas, I couldn't help but think about the BUGS! Ewwwwww

Shay said...

That's just silly. We have a wood pile in our house but it's on a rack and nowhere near that size lol. (Although I do love the idea of not having to bring in more wood as often!) We haven't had any bug problems thankfully, but most of them go in the wood stove before long so they don't get much opportunity to explore.
Have you ever looked at Catalog Living? My sister and I quote it to each other a lot, really funny stuff: