Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sickness GO AWAY!!!

So it turned out that D did *not* have the flu, just some wacky virus.  He would spike a fever each day for several hours for twelve stinkin' days, which meant that our Easter weekend was pretty quiet.  By day 10 he was noticeably better, but still not my normal boisterous boy.  THAT was when hubby came home sick from work.  Mind you, that has only happened one other time in 18 years, and the other time was when his boss sent him home; this time, he staggered in the door (thankfully he was not working in Mexico that day!), handed off his phone and asked ME to call his boss to say he was home sick.  Huh?!  Seriously, to say this was out of character would be a serious understatement. He spent the next 24 hours in bed (missing 1 full day of work, which has never happened before) and then the weekend shuffling between the bed and couch.  Whoa.  Still not entirely sure what he had, but thankfully he bounced back fairly quickly...

And now it seems both A & I have whatever weird viral thing D was fighting - we're feverish, achey and coughing like mad.

Who wants to come visit?

Seriously, though, it STINKS.  I've missed three weeks in a row of church, and rescheduled one thing after another, and I'm sick of it.  And while I may be much healthier overall than I was a year ago, apparently I've not yet developed superhuman immunity even if I am ingesting huge amounts of spinach and other "power" foods.

On the plus side, I've cleared a bunch of shows off the DVR and read four novels in the past couple days.

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Megan Groves said...

Oh, it has been way too long since I have read a book. I hate that, but such is life right now. I hope you get better soon, even though having an excuse to read multiple books sounds kind of nice. :)