Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcome to Wednesday

Can't believe we're already halfway into the week - time is flyin' by! We had a nice 4th; some friends hosted a picnic so we chowed down, chatted, and and lit a few fountains for the kids later in the evening.

A swingingsuperman on bike

Things were relatively quiet the rest of the weekend; hubby smoked some ribs on Sunday afternoon, and the kids played happily despite the rain. On Monday, we went to the library and officially partipated in our first "program." They have a bug theme for all the summer programs, and the librarian taught them a little song, read a couple books, and was just generally entertaining. The kids thought it was wonderful because they got plastic bug rings and free books :) It was packed out, but all the kids were actually pretty well behaved.

My foot is definitely getting better, but I'm still not quite back to full speed... I'm continuing on my quest to create a relatively organized, fully functioning living space, so I've been sifting through papers, etc. We're also preparing to move our son downstairs (the kids are still sharing a room, but we want to transition him before school starts), so I need to find new homes for all the stuff that currently lives in our soon-to-be-no-more guest room. I know this isn't exactly rocket science, but I'm such a pack rat that it is seriously exhausting me mentally. Baby steps, right? It doesn't help that it's been hot and sticky these past few days (definitely my least favorite weather conditions) and I'm really feeling convicted about my lousy attitude and lack of patience with hubby and kiddos.

rainy leaves
A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day Proverbs 27:15

So what's on the agenda for the rest of the week? I need to run some errands, then I'll be getting together with a friend tomorrow - the kids are pretty excited to hang with her kids, too :) I'm watching another friend's children on Friday morning, and then we have some family coming down for Friday night and Saturday. Should be lots of fun!


Ivy Six-Pack said...

We were just talking about that verse last night in Bible study. We decided that we as women often repeat ourselves (nagging wife) because we are unsure that our husbands heard us. Translation, they didn't respond when we said it the first time or they didn't react IMMEDIATELY - in our timetable.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Purging, sorting, and organizing IS a mentally draining process and very time consuming...Great job persevering through it! How are you doing with parting with stuff? Is it hard? How are you determining which things to part with and which things to keep? What are you doing with the things you keep?

I know lots of questions...I can't wait to get to a point in life where I can do what you're doing. DearHubby and I are both pack rats and when I look at what we've been able to live with or without, I just want to throw everything that's in storage away or at least give it away or sell. If we had the time...