Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Friday

Sorry, no funny business today! It's been a long week - I caught a cold, which left me feeling pretty lousy. I provided meals, but I can't say it was my best work - and as for other stuff, I've been minimally maintaining :) I did manage a grocery run yesterday to replenish the fridge, and I'm definitely feeling better this morning so need to do damage control around here.

D is wrapping up his third week of school today, and things continue to be bumpy. I really wish it were a half day program for his sake; he's having a hard time remembering all the rules, and is getting frustrated with stuff and not responding appropriately (i.e. shoving other kids when they bump into him). I know we're not exactly talking juvenile delinquent stuff here, but I know he can do better and we're still trying to figure out how to best handle it all. Oh, and he also came home with a rather interesting library book so I ended up having a chat with the librarian over that one. Oh, the joys.

We have a number of things happening this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and cool, so I think we're going to spend some time in the yard pruning the jungle; I also think we'll be setting the fire pit up (since the pool is down) so we'll probably end up roasing marshmallows. We were also planning to pull up the carpet in the living room and start laying the new flooring, but not sure if that will happen since I'm so behind from this week. Guess we'll just wait and see...
Oh, and the picture? Well, those are the "fuzzy flowers" that A picked as we walked home. A nice little reminder that much of life depends on your perspective!

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