Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hanging In There

Well, the boy has been dropped off for his third day of school, and it seems we're all settling in. He's liking it so far, and has proudly reported that he's following all the rules. This week is kind of evaluation time and just establishing routine, but homework starts next week! On a side note, this school thing is having one side effect I did not anticipate: laundry! No, not our son's - mine. I can usually get two days out of my pants, but walking him back and forth to school makes me a sweaty mess. Yuck.

Little sister is doing better as well. On Tuesday, we ran errands. She needed the next size in socks and underwear, and I'd specifically postponed purchasing them. Nothing cheers up a 3 YO like Strawberry Shortcake undies :) A few tears yesterday after we dropped him off, but much better than Tuesday. And today? Well, she knows we're going to visit one of her friends (who is 27 days younger), so she practically ran home. Ah, the resiliency of youth...

And finally, I'm pleased to report that this banana bread recipe also works well for muffins. I used whole wheat flour, added an additional egg, and just a tad more applesause. Oh, and chocolate chips! She's obviously enjoying it, and D has one in his lunch.


Dapoppins said...

I knew she would love having you all to herself!

That muffin looks yummy. Save some for me?

Shay said...

Who doesn't like new undies? :)
The muffins sound super, I may have to try them!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

I like your term..."the resiliency of youth..."

Glad Little A is adjusting better each day.

Aside from not getting 2 uses out of your pants, how is Mommy adjusting? Are you finding that you have more time with Little A or even with other tasks and chores?

Yummy, that banana bread looks good!