Monday, March 9, 2009

Long time, no post!

Still here, still plugging away on the house. Everything is taking longer than we had anticipated, and I must admit that I'm getting tired of the spackle & paint scene, but it really is shaping up nicely! We have ambitious plans for the week, and if we can get it all done, then that leaves us with only 2 more rooms to address. Whew! We still don't have an exact move date, or even a house picked out... I know several people have commented that they would totally be freaking out at this point, but the Lord has really given us peace on the whole matter. We're planning to head to TX in late April or early May to find a place, and then the move date is sometime between June 15-July 17. Can't believe how soon it will be here!

Saturday was a real taste of spring (67 degrees!), and while we weren't able to go play all day, we did open up every single window in the house. And can I just mention that we had a fairly substantial snowstorm on Monday? Yep, strange March weather.

No school for our district today, so I'm planning a few things with the kids. We're doing a library run, and I've also set aside some game-time. They've really been fabulous through this process, but I'm noticing they are both acting out a bit so I'm focusing a bit more on them today. On a final note, I thought I'd share a few images that the kids captured when I set them loose with the camera this morning:

What is it with up-the-nose shots?! Our freshly painted back room (will be getting the first coat of white on all the trim today) Sliced pears at breakfast Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV My son laughingly told me to bite the phone, and I obliged


Jeff and Meg said...

The backroom looks faaaabulous! That's a lot you've got accomplished since your sell-off. Very impressive!!!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Why do things get done when you have to move?

Thanks for sharing the pics...Cell phone, mmmm, yummy...

Is the house up for sale yet?

It's neat to hear about the Lord's peace about the whole situation...From this side, it looks like a very exciting endeavor. We'll pray for your house search in April/May!