Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy Days...

Things continue to be pretty hectic around here. We're making headway on the house - our small group from church is coming over on Sunday evening to help us paint the living room and kitchen. Are those true friends or what? :) We've been doing the prep these past couple days - using lots of spackle, pulling off paneling, discovering wallpaper remnants (we're removing chair rail in one room, and suddenly had a vivid reminder that when we stripped the ugly wallpaper several years ago, we simply CUT around the trim) Ah, the joys. A dear friend watched A for me yesterday for five hours so I had some good solid working time - I'll also have that tomorrow when hubby and the kids take a vehicle up to his sister's. Speaking of hubby, he's really going through a lot right now. Things at work are really tough right now as people are being laid off and others are training their replacements. Lots of raw emotions floating around - and he's worked with most of these people for nearly 13 years. He's carrying a lot on his shoulders right now, and please pray for him as the Lord brings him to mind. Please pray for me, too, that I can be supportive and helpful, rather than just adding to his burden.

I took some fabulous pictures of the sky yesterday that I was hoping to share, but we're having computer issues once again. When I turned our main computer on this morning (which I'd dumped pics onto last night before heading to bed) I was greeted with an error message, stating that one of the Windows config files is missing. That computer has been giving us a lot of problems in the past couple months, and it may finally be time to just let in rest in peace. In the meantime, I'm working on the old laptop - but no access to pics, editing software, etc. I don't think it's going to be a priority for awhile, either, so posts may be photo-free for a bit.

Well, my coffe is cold and my break time is over. Back to the grindstone!


Dapoppins said...

Your not moving on top of everything are you?

I will say a prayer right now.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Wow, lots going on over there! When does the house go up for sale? We'll pray for your hubby! They've got mine working really hard too.