Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, it's official - we're Texans (OK, so we'll probably never be considered natives, but that's where we get our mail!) Friday we sold our house in PA, then hit the road for our "rich but homeless" weekend. Ever spent thirty hours driving with a 4 and a 6 YO? I don't recommend it ;) Seriously, though, they were actually very good considering what we were asking of them, but let's just say we were ALL happy to arrive in our new hometown last night.

We actually pulled in about 7:30 PM, so we made pretty decent time. We had dinner, then all crawled into bed. Had the walkthrough at our new house at 9 AM, then promptly signed over all our "riches" and are the proud owners of a house in south, SOUTH Texas. It's 101, and I'm currently sitting in Burger King (free Wi-Fi *and* and air-conditioned play area) while the kids burn off some energy, waiting for all the wire transfers to clear so that we can get the keys to our new abode. It's been interesting seeing the difference in the processes here vs. PA - I know some of it is just regional, but so many little details are handled differently due to the various state laws.

I have a few pictures I'd love to share, but I have no idea where our card reader is. The truck with all our earthly belongings should be here on Wed or Thurs, and in the meantime we'll be camping out on the floor and swimming in our glorious new pool. Hasta la vista! (To quote our daughter, "That's Spanish, you know!")

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

Congratulations on the new home and for surviving the 30 hour trip! I can honestly empathize!

Wow, you're really in Texas! Although our communication has mostly been through the internet for the past several years, it was still comforting to know that if we ever had an opportunity to visit, we could. Hmmmm...

Hope your unpacking process goes quickly.

Praying for you all, especially that you will find a church family to grow with!