Friday, August 21, 2009

This week.

Hubby has been away this week. First time he's had a business trip where I haven't had my "network." I must say, these past 4 days have been more difficult than I had anticipated. I'm emotionally drained and counting down the hours until he returns. The week has been filled with challenges (gum in the boy's hair, daughter decided to "clean" the bathroom with her pink toothpaste, etc.) and I haven't handled it all very well.

On a more positive note, I was able to find a couple lamps at a yard sale yesterday (much needed due to the lack of lighting in this home - but holy schnikees, new ones are expensive!) and also was able to stock our freezer (our Super Wal-Mart here marks meat down by 30% the day before the expiration date, and I literally followed the guy with the price gun down the aisle.) Looking forward to a card-making class at the Library tomorrow (yes, I know it will be a pitch for the person's business, but it was FREE and a chance to meet other papercrafters). Checking out 1 last church this weekend and then deciding where we'll call "home."

Well, I'm outta here. Want to cross a few more items off the to-do list before heading to the airport.


Jeff and Meg said...

Hang in there! Hope the rest of the time goes quickly and no one pulls anymore shenanigans. :)

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Just thought I'd drop in and say "hi!" I'm single momming it too this weekend, but even without single momming it, I know what it feels to be emotionally drained. Hope you're doing better now that Hubby's back. Did he give you some mommy time?

Gotta love the library! Have fun meeting new papercrafters!

We'll keep praying about your home church situation.

Hot State Mom said...

Thanks for re-bloggging me. I love to read your comments and see the pics. I really like the "sleeping with the owner" comment. I can literally see you following the clerk in Walmart's meat isle. Hugs to all.