Friday, August 14, 2009


Another busy week nearly complete. Spending lots of time in the pool, as each day we've been here has topped 100 degrees. The first pic is of our A watching her brother jump in - he's the reason for the big splash :) The second photo is of our major excitement inducing event of the week: a frog in the pool! The way our daughter started shrieking when she saw it I was convinced that she'd severed an arm... When I came in the house for the camera, our son grabbed the pool net so he could capture his new pet. Um, not gonna happen! Still have too many boxes, but at least this place is beginning to feel more like "home." (I might even post some indoor pictures soon!) Our son starts school in 10 days, and I know that will be another major step forward. Continuing the church search - we're planning to have that wrapped up this month, and still much prayer being devoted to that topic. Hubby will be headed back to Philly for a couple days next week, but thankfully he won't be gone over any weekends; it's weird to think about being here without any real friends or family. Trying not to freak out over that detail, and I'm praying that we'll have a very quiet week without any car or household issues that I have to deal with!

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