Friday, January 15, 2010

The Girl, and Christmas Recap

Don't know how it happened, but our "baby" is now officially 5 YO! I snapped this picture on Sunday morning - she wanted to wear her fancy dress, and asked if I could make her hair "pretty." We had some time, so I worked my blow dryer magic to create this stunning look :)

Thought I'd show a pic of the lovely shingles, too. I am so thankful that she wasn't in a lot of pain. She was tired and very snuggly, but that was about it. The other pic is from the little party that we had on Sunday night. Nothing elaborate -we had 1 other family come over for dinner and birthday brownies, then the kids decorated crowns, made candy necklaces, and had a birthday blower fight. Good times, good times!

Shingles Party Time

Family Pic

I finally uploaded pictures from Christmas, too. There are lots of pics of our Arizona antics (including a trip to the Natural History Museum) if you'd like to check them out HERE.


Jeff and Meg said...

Aww! That picture of A is so cute!

Ivymamma said...

She is beautiful, Trish!!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

What a lovely picture! Happy Birthday A!

So glad her shingles were only in an isolated area and that she didn't suffer much.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Cool album on Flickr.

I have 2 faves, the one of Dave and Little Dave (I always forget who you call David and who you call Dave) on the bike and the road trip pic.

Do you pay for Flickr? I was excited to use Flickr at first until I used up my 200 free pictures and I don't have the capability to make an album. Just wondering.

I was posting pictures on Facebook for a time, but I've removed them and am thinking about sharing through Shutterfly and pasting those links on my blog. I think Shutterfly is free. I do still use Flickr to host my blog pics, but I think I'll use Shutterfly for albums.

Did you have a better week?