Sunday, January 31, 2010


Time to break internet silence :) Seriously, though, life just continues to be crazy... Our schedules aren't even all that full, but there never seems to be a spare moment. One exciting bit of news - at least for ME - is that I'm going away next weekend. WAHOO!!! Yep, I'm off to a scrapbooking retreat Friday-Sunday. I know I'll have a ball, and it's also served as a good motivator to get my craft space organized. Everywhere else is pretty settled, but this corner still has boxes stacked up. Proud to say that I've gotten a lot done in the past week - and sad to admit that it's more than had been accomplished in the previous 3 months.

So what else is new? Well, I went out with a friend last week and we saw Avatar in 3-D. Very fun experience (I personally didn't think the storyline itself was that great, but the effects, colors, etc were amazing). We've been spending quite a bit of time outside as the past 2 weeks have been in the 70s-80s. I *do* love the balmy temps, but am not so fond of the mosquitoes. Still trying to decide what we're going to do in the yard - as much as we love all the palm trees, the space is really overplanted and is in need of some major pruning. Not to mention that I'd like to replace some of the greenery with fruits and/or vegetables. One of hubby's coworkers is giving us some fig & peach trees, so we need to decide where they'll go. And once those are in, we're also going to buy a pomegranate tree. YUM! Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we're talking about this while half the country is blanketed with ice/snow.

One last request: please continue to pray for us with the church situation and our son's behavior at school. These are the 2 areas where we're still really struggling and need wisdom. Thanks!

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