Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week in Review

Sorry I've been so quiet - much mayhem at our house. Setting up a new TV/Stereo system. Guests. Vomiting. Reboxing 80 pounds of stereo components due a faulty amp, and then getting the run-around from UPS. Completion of daughter's ballet classes. Visit to the ear specialist with our son (we're not supposed to let him swim the rest of the summer - yeah, right!!!!!) Killing the stinkin' flies that seem determined to overrun our house. Consolidating the hard drives on old computer so we can get the new one set up. Chasing down computer cables that evidently aren't stocked within 200 miles of this place. Cooking. Laundry. Continued relational challenges. Tears of frustration. Prayers. Fearfulness when hearing about the anticipated miniwar taking place this weekend in Mexico. More prayers.

O GOD, You are my God, earnestly will I seek You; my inner self thirsts for You, my flesh longs and is faint for You, in a dry and weary land where no water is. So I have looked upon You in the sanctuary to see Your power and Your glory. Because Your loving-kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You. Psalm 63:1-3, Amplified


In Pursuit of His Call said...

Have you heard of Wally's Ear Oil? I suspected having an ear infection, but didn't want to go to another doctor's appointment this week so I asked on FB about over the counter remedies. The recommended remedy from FB, Wally's Ear Oil and I got it at a GNC. It seems to be working. My ear doesn't hurt as much.

Shay said...

Much love to you honey.