Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, the Christmas season has descended upon us.

Last Wednesday, I decorated the outside of our house - you know, so at least the neighbors think we're festive :) I wired bows onto the lights by the garage, hung a wreath, and put out the Christmas doormat. All done! The next day, I purchased a nonfat cup of steamy goodness in a jolly cup, and headed out to purchase a few things. There's a reason I shop for gifts year-round: simply put, I despise fighting the holiday crowds. I'm not a fan of crowded aisles, screaming children, and poorly organized shelves. I think I'm done now, other than the things we're waiting to purchase until we arrive in Arizona. Thursday night I also went to a cookie exchange, which was loads of fun! The bad news is that I am unable to resist baked goods, and the scale showed the results of this on Monday... the number went up for the first time since I started my weight loss journey. A bit discouraging, but not unexpected. One the plus side, the kids have done a pretty good job of wiping out the aforementioned cookies!

In other news, we "opened" a few early family Christmas gifts. We'd been debating about purchasing a Wii for over a year now (especially since our summers are so ridiculously hot here!) and ended up taking the plunge on Black Friday, courtesy of Amazon. We also got the Balance Board, which I'd really been wanting. We've already had a lot of fun with it, and I get a great core workout from laughing hysterically at our daughter boxing - it's not the movements that get me, but the trash talk to her opponents. "You're going down, big guy!" is her most-used. I have no idea where she heard it, but it totally cracks me up. I've been using the Wii Fit Plus program, and am digging the rhythmic boxing... I also foresee the purchase of additional fitness games in my future.

Last night hubby and the kids put together my birthday present. Yes, I had requested Legos. I know it may seem bizarre, but I promise it will make sense when I post finished pictures - tomorrow perhaps?

We also got the tree up over the weekend. This is the first time that we haven't put up all our ornaments. They are definitely a colorful mishmash, but in the interest of simplicity this year we simply went with red & metallic ornaments, along with some white garland. I like the different look, but the kids have already requested that we put it *ALL* out next year. I did put out a few other things around the house - beaded garland draped around doorways, baskets of ornaments, and a few special ornaments hung on doorknobs, windows, etc. I do love this cross, and it's hanging in our entryway. Such a great reminder that while so many focus on the "magic" of Christmas, there is something much better that we can believe in...

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