Friday, January 28, 2011


Sorry if I disturbed anyone with my hootin' and hollerin' this morning, but I'm definitely a happy girl.

Behold the reason :)

We've been using a hand-me-down and table and chairs our entire married life. To be fair, we did upgrade to a better "new-to-us" table approximately 9 years ago, along with white folding chairs from Sam's Club (which we'd planned to use for approximately 6 months). I have really wanted to purchase something, but we'd been unable to find something we both liked that was in our budget. Why is simple, decently-made furniture so difficult to find?

Anyway, Monday afternoon my Bible study finished up a bit early and I had an extra 15 minutes before I needed to pick up the kids, so I decided to swing by the furniture store that had been advertising super-duper closeout deals. I immediately dismissed most of their offerings due to heavy carvings, inlaid stones and upholstered seats. But then I saw this little number back in the corner. I liked the style, so I flipped over a chair to investigate the construction. Hmmm... passed that test, too. I took the salesman's card and texted hubby the basic info.

The store closed at 6 pm that night (and of course the extra % off promo happened to be ending that day, too) but hubby made it across the border in a timely fashion and we arrived at the store by 5:30. He actually liked the style of the set, so started analyzing the the structure. The look on the salesman's face was priceless! Anyway, after much sliding, flipping, and poking he pronounced it good and we plunked down the dough. It was delivered this morning, and I can't walk by it without giving it a loving pat :) It's made of pine, and stained dark. It has 3 leaves (which all store inside) and it can be expanded to 11 feet. Wow. We also got 8 chairs, so we are ready for visitors!

Behind the table is a dresser that's part of our bedroom set. We'd been using it in the front family/sitting area, but I rearranged everything last weekend and it's now being used as a sideboard. Obviously it doesn't exactly match the table, but I couldn't care less. I'm just so happy to have this space updated a bit! Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the old table is now residing in the craft space, so the kids and I have a spot to spread out and play, without worrying about shoving everything to the side to eat dinner.

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