Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day in Pictures

I took my parents to the airport early this morning, and the fields still had their heavy fog layer - quite stunning when combined with the colors of sunrise. Not the best pic, but what do you expect from me shooting out the window when stopped at a light?! :)

And then there are my 2 resident crazies. They each got a Fun-Dip as part of snack time today, and our daughter was quite delighted with her ridiculously green teeth. Our son was munching on the stick when he suddenly darted upstairs... and when he came down, announced that he was Han Solo. My favorite part of this outfit is most definitely the unbuttoned shirt. And know what? I'll take this little dude over Harrison Ford any day.

Today I am thankful for quiet beauty as well as belly laughs.

1 comment:

Jeff and Meg said...

You must laugh at D every single day! He is hilarious! And A looks so grown up. What a beauty!