Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Funny

A friend had loaned us a couple God Rocks CDs so I could check them out to possibly use in our children's ministry at church. Our kids looooooove music, so of course they happily acted as listening guinea pigs, and I was patting myself on the back as I listened to my kids walk around the house singing scripture - because seriously, that's just awesome, right? And then I really listened to what our son was singing:

"Don't let anyone tell on you because you are dumb"

Ooof! (that's the sound of reality smacking Mommy) Just a reminder that we need to take an ACTIVE role in making sure our kids are learning things properly.

(Sorry about the lousy quality on this video, but you can at least hear the proper song)

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Shay said...

LOL!!! That's too funny!