Saturday, January 28, 2012

What happened to January?

I seem to have a trend with my postings lately - lots of lamenting about how quickly time flies. So here we go again!

Hubby helped friends repair their balcony, then they headed here and we were able to repaint the living room. Aaaaahhhhh. Seriously, I cannot properly convey how happy this change makes me. By lightening the color and adding overhead lighting this room just feels so much more welcoming (rather than a depressing cave). We've taken our time reloading the room, and I know I'll be making small tweaks for awhile yet. I figured I should take advantage of the fresh start provided by emptying the room, and seriously evaluate what I have in there and how it works for our family. It feels great to know that I've cleaned out so much over the past year, and am working hard to continue to move forward.

Other happenings: A completed her first book at AWANA, turned 7, and took part in the open house for the Gifted & Talented program (informal presentations about the different cycles they've been studying - she talked about the plant cycle and how we eat different parts of plants). D made a cool solar system diorama for school, has been excitedly helping out with home stuff (use of a power tool = a happy boy); he is also trying to convince us to purchase scaffolding to leave set up in our backyard, as it is so much fun to climb around on. We had some friends over to make some valentines, have been enjoying the beautiful weather and playing outside quite a bit, and just generally staying busy. I also managed to give haircuts to everyone this week (the kids didn't think it was fair that I didn't have mine cut - both offered to trim it up for me. Um, no thanks). Hubby has been incredibly busy at work; the sale of the company did not go through as planned, so now there's even more craziness afoot. Both kids had some sort of bug and were running fevers: D has been hit much harder, and is still laying on the couch quietly. Definitely not normal.

And on a total random note, as I was cooking up tortillas this morning, this one totally made me laugh. Hmmm, maybe I shoulda tried to sell it for big bucks with promises of happiness & prosperity to the owner rather than just stuffing it with egg, cheese & bacon and wolfing it down...


Jeff and Meg said...

Its the Blessed Mother! You totally should have ebayed that could be rich! lol

Usemeplz said...

Hi Trish! Great photos! Kids are funny, that is very cool that they spend their time with benefit, and I think that it is your merit. Be happy!