Friday, February 10, 2012


Two posts in a single week - been quite awhile since that has happened!

This morning I drove an hour to take my husband's car in for a warranty repair. I had called to schedule a time earlier in the week, and the chipper little receptionist told me they don't make appointments, but just to come on over. I dropped the kids at school and was at the dealership shortly before 9. After going in 2 different doors and talking to 3 different people I finally found the right person. And she informed me that they were already full for the day. What?!?! To say I was unhappy would be an understatement. She told me that I could just leave the car and someone could take me back home (offer was rescinded when she found out where I lived). She then told me to be there first thing on Monday morning at 7:30. Yeah, right! Ugh. She obviously doesn't understand the finer points of coordinating schedules when hubby works in another country and it isn't safe for him to take my car over the border, not to mention having children in school. I growled a bit and asked if there was a manager I could speak with - nope. And of course there's no other Subaru dealer within a 75 mile radius.

Anyway, at this point I decided to take advantage of my proximity to "good" shopping (a/k/a TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory) and enjoy a bit of retail therapy before heading home. My find of the day was this 18x24 canvas print that you can write on with dry erase markers. How very cool! Even hubby admitted he liked it (this is HUGE, as he couldn't care less about what's on our walls). It's currently sporting the verse our son is working on for AWANA.

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure, I present the coolest kids ever... and what happens when they're set loose with Picnik (may it rest in peace, sniff sniff). A had been asking for curly hair, so she tolerated me wrapping it up last night. D was an unwilling participant, but he still had fun playing with all the effects.

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