Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life Tidbits

  • I love listening to kids pray.  They're so honest.  Earlier this week our daughter finished her little chat with God by saying, "I can't think of anything else. Amen."
  • We were planning to go see the Avengers movie this morning, but discovered that this is the ONE time that you actually have to show up early in this area -- there were still seats available, but we wouldn't have been able to sit together as a family.  Will try again later.
  • Stopped by "Market Days" at a neighboring town (essentially a fancy name for their monthly flea market). There were about 15 tables, three of which were selling hair bows.  Ooooo-kay.  Another was for PFLAG*and they had a whole bunch of used Christian novels for sale - not quite sure how to take that one.  There was a local farmer there who did not speak a lick of English, and when we approached his truck, he whipped out his old pocketknife and carved off a chunk of watermelon, and thrust it at us expectantly... these are the moments that it's easy to forget we live in the U.S.
  • Son has really had a tough time at school lately, specifically with two of the girls in his grade who have been calling him names during recess.  He asked if he could be homeschooled for the last two weeks of 3rd grade.  These conversations make my heart hurt.
  • Daughter took a note to give to a friend at school, asking a parent to call me so we could set up a playdate.  Her father called me, and we had a very interesting conversation during which he told me he would really like our daughters to be friends because he knows ours is really smart based on things his daughter has said.  Um, thank you? And in other friend news, there is another girl in A's class that has started trying to tell her who she can play with.  Can't believe that this junk is already happening in 1st grade.
  • I've worked out 4x in the past week.  Can't call it a habit yet, but it feels great to be making positive changes.
 *Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays

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