Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm feeling overwhelmed. Hubby's grandmother has been moved to hospice, and we're waiting for the inevitable.  She's very ready to meet her Savior, but it's still hard -- plus there are the logistics of traveling to AZ.  My grandmother is having surgery Friday (in MT), plus my Mom and her siblings are still working through issues with Grandma's house and all it contains.  The kids are finishing up school (Friday is a half day, and then we're DONE) but son in particular has had some rough days as kids have really been picking on him.  A family we are friends with is moving to Florida, and they'll be staying with us tomorrow night as their house will be all packed.  Hubby is going through yet another round of audits at work.  We're encountering all sorts of issues with the children's ministry at our church - some related to the culture, some because of the youth of our congregation, but I seriously want to just yell at someone right now. And my feet are covered in fire ant bites.

Seriously, please be in prayer for our entire family.  Thanks.

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Shay said...

oh my, that's a lot of life all at one time. praying ♥