Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Funny Business

Lego Family Portrait Paint emergency? So life continues to be crazy around here (why do I cling to the illusion that summer will somehow be slow and peaceful?!) - trying to catch on some things, and thought I'd share these bits of funniness.  The first is our family, assembled by our son.  The first thing I noticed? Both guys have weapons, while I am clutching a coffee cup and A has been given a broom. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.  I snapped the second photo last week - We were stopped at a light, and thankfully I had time to grab the camera from my purse.  In case you can't read the window graphic, this van is from Perez Professional Painting, and the bumper advertises 24 hour emergency service.  Can anyone tell me what constitutes a paint emergency?!?
We've had a lot of friends over lately, the kids just wrapped up a program at the library, I'm co-leading a major community outreach day with the kids' ministry at our church, and then there's the normal business of life.  Hope to be back more soon, though...  But 1 last funny story before I head off:  I bought some fresh beets last week, and the kids gobbled them up on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning I was awakened by our son, who had a very anxious look on his face, telling me he had to go to the hospital.  You see, we've told the kids that if their, um, body waste is not the usual color they should tell us because this may be an indication of illness.  Next time I serve them beets I will be sure to remind them that their body will be affected by the natural red dye :)


Jeff and Meg said...

Too funny about the beets! Same thing happened to James.

Shay said...

lol at the paint emergency!