Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer drawing to a close...

The kids will be headed back to school in 9 days - :) and :(

We just got home from a mini-vaca, but before I share pics from that guess I should update stuff from June and July.

driving to AZ Devil's Canyon, AZ little boy paradise! Lego Store posing fun at the mall Escalator! Look, I'm actually in *front* of the camera cousins Mom & Kids Birthday New rocket Father Son moment Fashion Statement sprinkler issues jump jump Sleepover  nerf gun + motorcycle balloon dolphin that's our TX girl loading the clip is hard work
  • When we drove to Arizona in June, there was a small fire on a hill in the distance, and our son was convinced that it was an active volcano
  • Drove through Devil's Canyon on the way to Mesa, and our daughter was excitedly telling us that she learned about this place in school.  "Um, honey, I'm pretty sure that was the GRAND Canyon."  Yeah, that might be right...
  • Took a little trip to the mall to visit the Lego Store, ogle the Hello Kitty merchandise, and ride the escalator.
  • One of the kids managed to snap a picture of me :)
  • Cousins, plus MIL and her kids
  • Celebrated nephew's birthday, including covering him with silly string and giving him a model rocket that was slightly above his previous experience
  • Kids had friends over, so lots of swimming, watching movies, nerf war, etc.
  • When cleaning her room, A decided she'd rather just wear everything rather than put it away
  • Issues with our sprinkler meant a flooded backyard.  Also had to replace one element from our pool pump.  Sometimes home ownership stinks.
  • out to lunch, and the restaurant had a really good balloon artist who presented our kids with a motorcycle and a dolphin
  • Off to the shooting range, too (Hi, Grandpa!  Wish you could've joined us!)

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