Monday, January 28, 2013

Catch Up (but no mustard)

There's been all sorts of things happening at our house lately.  Figure I'll break it down by child, so let's start with the oldest, shall we?

This is D's arm - I took several pictures of the rash, but just couldn't capture how funky it really looked.  It was very regularly spaced and raised.  It started on his arms, then spread to his torso and finally his legs.  When we went to the doctor (which is a family practice residency) the head doctor actually came in and took pictures just as reference.  Never had that happen before! His temp sat between 101-102 for three days.  He's also dealing with either a cold or allergies on top of it, so it's hard to know what symptoms actually were part of the virus.  We did make it to church yesterday, but he was pretty wiped out by the evening.  He was complaining his stomach hurt this morning, but I chalked that up to nasal drainage overnight, so gave him some crackers and sent him off to school - no call from the nurse (yet).

This pic is at the doctor's office, playing on the kindle.  You'll notice he has his foot up on that uber special footrest (snort).  I don't know what it is, but this kid LOVES the stirrups!  He discovered them when he was about 2, and thought they made a great ramp for his little cars and trains... And now, he thinks it's quite comfy to put his feet up, and even asked the doctor if he could buy the special table.  I was choking back the laughter at that point (right along with the doctor).  I have one other funny D moment to share from church yesterday.  I generally teach over on the preschool side, but yesterday we were working on a big project so I was helping out with the grade school class.  There were 2 girls there who don't attend regularly, and he was telling them that I was his Mom.  Nice, right?  And then he went on "...but that's not her real hair color. She dyes it. She actually has a lot of grey."  Hooo boy, wonder why it could be turning?!

On to news of A: as previously mentioned, she hit the big oh-eight earlier this month,and on her birthday eve she made a big show of  bringing in her booster seat from the car.  It's really strange to look in my rear view mirror and not see any car seats!  She continues to do really well in school.  She got all A's this past quarter (officially half-way through this school year) PLUS made it to the next level in the school reading program, so to celebrate we girls went out for lunch at McD's (who can resist Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys?), then off to the library where she finally got her very own library card.  Yes, she even filled out the form all by herself.  She hardly needed any help at all - wow, my little girl isn't all that little any more, is she?  She checked out six books and has already read two of them.  No denying she's my daughter ;)

I also had a funny moment with her recently.  She's definitely growing up - deodorant is required daily, and I was thinking that bras may be showing up in her future soon.  She and I were out running some errands and I stopped by Ross.  I found some training bras on clearance, and when she saw what I had taken off the rack, she dramatically declared, "My nightmare is coming true!"  Yes, she has a couple friends who already are wearing them, and evidently they've complained about how they're not particularly comfortable.  Sorry to tell you sweetie, but you might as well get used to the discomfort...

And finally, just a bit of general catch-up: We have five limes on the tree in our backyard. Yippee!!  We also got some oranges from a friend just this past weekend.  There are definitely some perks to living in citrus country.

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Jeff and Meg said...

Limes!? If you have an avocado tree, I will be moving in by Friday. ;)