Friday, May 10, 2013

Gerbil Update and a Friday Funny

Our "babies" are now 4 days old, and seem to be doing well.  At this point it looks like we've got 4 black-eyed and 1 red-eyed; two are definitely going to be darker in color, and jury is still out on the other 3.

I gotta admit, the cage is starting to stink, and I wish I could clean it (but then again, my whole family swears my nose is hypersensitive).  I think their little squeaky sounds are adorable, but hubby finds 'em annoying.

And finally, just for fun, I'd like to share a funny gerbil story we came across when googling about unexpected gerbil babies. The website isn't formatted very well, and it's 2 pages long, but hubby and I both found it pretty funny: Population Explosion Story (scroll to the 4th paragraph on the page)

A few highlights:
"The pet shop guy seemed as reliable as a crepe paper seat belt."
"I showed 7 my gerbil care books, pointing out to HER that SHE was dancing like a man. She didn't seem to care. Illiterate gerbils."
"The joys of gerbil parenting were wearing out faster than five dollar jeans."

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