Monday, July 28, 2014

Kids Musical

Our kiddos attended a music camp last week; they worked on the musical part each morning, and then had fun outings each afternoon.  They both really enjoyed themselves, although D was not super excited about the actual performance part (which was Sunday evening). Well, yesterday after church he kept saying he wasn't feeling well.  He didn't eat much for lunch and was unusually quiet, but I shrugged it off thinking he was just trying to get out of singing (we'd already had a few discussions about that).  Around 3, I noticed he was feeling very warm, so decided to take his temp. 102.  Took it again thirty minutes later, and it was clear that he truly did have a fever.

A had a small solo in the program (check out the video!) and D sat beside me watching.  The whole performance was great - I was really impressed that the kids pulled that off in just a week, complete with motions.

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