Sunday, August 31, 2014

One of those weekends...

We're getting some much-needed rain here - but sadly it also means that I've had a nasty headache all weekend.  Son is doing a project for his pre-AP Language Arts class and we've been butting heads a bit on that.  I have a mammogram scheduled for this week.  And just tonight, I discovered our daughter has lice.  Yes, after only one week of school (the clerk at CVS commented they'd been selling a lot of lice product this week.  Somehow knowing I'm not alone doesn't exactly make it better.)

On the plus side, hubby has tomorrow off and kids have school.  Hubby wants to go shooting, but I'm not sure that me + firearms is the best idea ;)

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Megan Groves said...

I am so so sorry you are dealing with lice again! Praying it passes quickly without a second round this time. My brother took me shooting a few weeks ago and it was a blast! Great stress relief. :)