Tuesday, September 23, 2014

THM Sample Menu

I had a friend who was starting THM back in March, and I pulled this together for her.  I had posted it on Facebook and have had many people comment that they wish it were more easily "shareable" so here 'tis!  I know sometimes there isn't a full 3 hours between my meals/snacks, but this is how *I* make it work. I'm really just focusing on S and E, not really worrying too much about FPs. My full freezer (second one in the laundry area, not just my fridge) is my critical partner in this venture - I try to make large batches of things like snacks, meats, even precooked quinoa and beans and then freeze them in individual servings to pull out when needed. I also do the same with soups - make a ginormous pot, feed my family, and I can usually get 5 or 6 lunches out of it (also great to pull out for dinner if I'm making a family favorite that I'm choosing not to eat) **I feel I should clarify: I no longer use Joseph's so liberally Sometimes I do sandwich "wraps" with romaine lettuce or crepes (recipe in book)  This is NOT an official THM post, and I don't claim to have all the answers.  I strongly recommend that each individual take the time to read the book and work to understand the principles.  It's a steep learning curve, but soooo worth it!!

Gwen's Nest also has this great post about making THM work.

breakfast (S) 7:30 - coffee with heavy cream, 3 eggs cooked in butter with real bacon crumbles, served over wilted spinach
snack (S) 11:00 - thin mint smoothie
lunch (S) 1:30 - piece of salmon, broiled with butter and garlic, along with mashed cauliflower (leftover from previous dinner), sliced cucumbers
snack (E) 4:00 - (small, just to hold over until dinner) - FF Greek yogurt with stevia, almond extract, and a handful of frozen cherries (the cherries are what make it E)
dinner (E) 5:30 - grilled chicken breast (marinated with red wine vinegar, a splash of avocado oil and Italian seasoning), boiled sweet potato topped with FF Greek yogurt and cinnamon, red pepper strips
munchie/dessert (E) - banana bar (these freeze really well - I make a whole pan then cut them up and toss them in the freezer)

breakfast (S) 8:00 - coconut porridge (pg 232), coffee with heavy cream
lunch (E) 11:30 - leftover grilled chicken breast, side of black bean quinoa salad
snack (E) 2:30 - chocolate banana smoothie
dinner (S) 5:30 - baked pork chop, roasted broccoli (with butter!), green salad with ranch
dessert/snack (S) 7:30 - celery with smucker's natural PB (don't go nuts with the PB!)

breakfast (E) 7:30 - overnight oatmeal - use apple rather than peaches
snack (E) 10:30 - fresh mandarin orange and 5 or 6 almonds
lunch (S) 1:30 - last of the leftover grilled chicken in a Joseph's pita (found at Walmart) with guacamole and romaine, cucumber slices, fresh broccoli dipped in ranch
snack (S) 4:00 - chocolate covered cherry shake, but no protein powder since dinner soon
dinner (S) 6:00 - leftover pork turned into cabbage wraps
dessert/snack 7:30 (S) - skinny chocolate! (pg 371)

breakfast (S) 8:00 - baked pancake with berry syrup (I made a huge batch of this and froze in jars, still working my way through it), coffee with heavy cream
lunch (S) 11:30 - quesadilla with Mexican cheese blend on a low carb tortilla, extra fresh veggies and ranch (but avoiding carrots)
snack (E) 3:00 - 2 banana bars and a bit of Greek yogurt with vanilla and stevia
dinner (E) 5:30 - sweet potato black bean chili
snack (E) 8:00 - half serving of big boy smoothie (pg 242) with cherries (and very little protein powder)

breakfast (S) 7:15 - two eggs scrambled with bacon pieces, in a low carb tortilla (also from Walmart) with salsa and cheddar cheese, coffee and heavy cream
snack (S) 10:30 - skinny chocolate, FF Greek yogurt with stevia, vanilla, and berries
lunch (E) 1:30 - leftover sweet potato black bean chili with 2 wasa rye crackers on the side
snack (E) 4:00 - small apple with 1 tsp Smucker's natural PB
dinner (E) 6:00 - bean burritos (canned fat free refried beans with FF sour cream, fresh salsa on low carb tortilla, no cheese)
snack (E) 8:00 - 2 cups of popcorn (made on stovetop, light on oil)

breakfast (E) 8:00 - THM pancakes (pg 223) - again, I make a large batch of these and throw them in the freezer to pull out as needed). Topped with FF Greek yogurt and berry syrup
snack (E) 10:30 - banana bar with a pile of Greek yogurt and some frozen berries on top
lunch (S) 1:00 - Just Like Campbell's soup made with heavy cream (pg. 292)
snack (S) 3:30 - cheesecake berry crunch (1/2 of recipe, pg 373)
dinner (S) 6:00 - Big Mac Salad - burger served on a pile of lettuce, dressing made my mixing mayo with sugar free ketchup and dill relish (Family has their burgers on buns)
snack (S) 8:00 - skinny chocolate

breakfast (S) 8:30 - coffee with heavy cream, 3 eggs cooked in butter with real bacon crumbles, served over wilted spinach
snack (S) 10:30 - skinny chocolate
lunch (S) 12:30 - leftover burger eaten with a Joseph's pita with guacamole, cucumber slices and pepper strips
snack (S) 3:00 - half thin mint smoothie dinner
(S) 6:00 - pizza!
snack/dessert (S) 8:00 - half microwaved mudslide muffin, made with some frozen raspberries and a drizzle of heavy cream

breakfast (E) 7:30 - Gwen's berry cake (again, from the freezer) with Greek yogurt, stevia and a drop of lemon essential oil
snack (S) 10:30 - Joseph's pita with a slice of cheese, deli ham, and a schmear of mayo
lunch (S) 1:30 - leftover pizza, jicama wedged
snack (S) 4:00 - basic treat squares (large batch, stores in fridge long-term), pg 400
dinner (S) 6:30 - grilled chicken quarters, butter braised cabbage, green salad with extra veggies & ranch
snack/dessert (S) 7:30 - handful of frozen berries with a drizzle of heavy cream on top

breakfast (E) 6:45 - 2 banana bars and half a big boy smoothie (and out the door!)
snack (FP) 10:00 - 2 wasa rye crackers and a wedge of light laughing cow cheese (from my purse)
lunch (S) 12:30 - McD's bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken (use Newman's Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette or bring your own - their ranch is too high in carbs)
snack (S) 3:00 - thin mint smoothie
dinner (S) 5:30 - taco meat with mix of 80% lean ground beef and turkey. I eat mine as a salad (lots of salsa!) the family has tortillas
snack (S) 7:30 - lemon cake

breakfast (S) 7:30 - MIM (lemon blueberry version, based on recipe on pg 256 - almond flour and flax, plus lemon EO and a couple frozen blueberries), coffee with heavy cream
snack (S) 10:30 - basic treat squares
lunch (S) 12:30 - leftover grilled chicken and braised cabbage, jicama wedges
snack (E) 3:30 - small apple with wedge of light laughing cow
dinner (E) 6:00 - creamy chicken and wild rice soup 
snack (E) 8:00 - FF Greek yogurt with almond extract, stevia, and some cherries

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