Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sudsy Fun

It was a gorgeous day, and time to wash "mommy's" car! We all had a ball and actually managed to get the job done. D was pretty conscientious, but A was mostly interested in playing with the bubbles. Request for help: Anyone know how to deal with streaky car windows? I tried 2 different glass cleaners (1 with heavy ammonia) and even straight rubbing alcohol, but we still have nasty streaks. What else can we try?!?

Other Random Updates:

* We have a robin nesting in one of our trees; I literally can check up on her just by opening the front door. No eggs yet, but she was diligently sitting today (even the sound of me vacuuming the car didn't scare her off!)
* Last night after the kids had gone to bed, I went grocery shopping and bought a watermelon (among other things). This morning, when our son saw it he gave it a hug. He reallllllly likes watermelon!
* We spent a few hours pulling weeds this afternoon - I'm clearing some space and we're going to plant acorn squash and pear tomatoes. NO, IT'S NOT A GARDEN! But the kids are seriously excited about growing their own squash. :)
* I got my first mosquito bite of the year yesterday. Yes, the awful pests have returned.
* The kids are no longer allowed to use liquid soap to wash their hands. We've gone through a ridiculous amount in the past month or so, so we now have a bar of Dial by the sink. Note to self: remember to put out the good B&B soap when friends come over.
* We played outside yesterday afternoon, blowing bubbles. The kids were chasing them around the yard and popping them - pretty normal, right? Well, our little maniac took it to the next level when he announced he needed "a big hammer" and proceeded to hunt down the bubbles with a crouquet mallet. Sorry, no pics - I was laughing too hard!

We're heading up for our nephew's graduation tomorrow, and then on Monday we're playing it pretty low key - we have some friends coming over for dinner, but that's about it. We normally put our pool up over Memorial Day weekend, but the nights are still too chilly. Maybe next weekend!


Jeff & Meg said...

Your kids always make me laugh. I can so picture D hugging a watermelon. And chasing bubbles with a croquet mallet. Ahhh...good times. And the kids washing your car-great idea! I bet James would have a blast. Now do you think I can get him to vacuum? :)

Pepperpot said...

The best way to wash windows is when it's not super bright and hot out, as they dry too fast. And newspaper is better than paper towels at keeping the streaks away :)

LOL at D hugging the watermelon :P Kids are funny.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Why isn't planting acorn squash and pear tomatoes a garden? Just wondering...because we planted green beans and tomatoes and I'm calling it a tiny garden...What's the difference? Help?