Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The holidays are upon us!

Can you believe it's December already?!? As always, there's a bunch of stuff happening at our house - and now it has a lovely holiday soundtrack :) Some random ramblings:
  • Our son was running a fever starting Saturday night, which meant that I missed church for the second week in a row. That stinks! It wasn't any better yesterday, so he missed his first day of school. He woke up fine this morning, and rather wired (which I'm attributing to all that rest yesterday), so I was quite happy to send him off this morning :)
  • I do love seeing homes decorated up with lights and such, but dislike those big inflatable thingees, particularly when people have multiples up. Blech. And on a side note, I also find it amusing when people have some huge Disney display in their yard, then a tiny little manger scene off in the corner. Not quite sure what message they're going for...
  • Oh, how I adore Christmas music. Casting Crowns and Sara Groves both released albums, and they both get an enthusiastic "thumbs up" from me!
  • Coffeemate Caramel Apple creamer is delish. It's out for a limited time, but someone told me that it can be frozen; I'm seriously thinking about stashing a bottle in the back of my freezer.
  • Our tree isn't up yet (pout, pout). The situation will be remedied by the end of the weekend.
  • We are done shopping for the kiddos. Hooray! I scored some fabulous deals on eBay back in October. I also found a special ornament for each of them - a little tradition we have that somehow reflects something about them from the past year, but I sometimes have a hard time finding something.
  • My hubby is wonderful. A few months ago, he told me that he wanted to get me an iPod for Christmas. And as part of my gift, he would get my huge music collection into iTunes. Now we're talking nearly 1,000 CDs here (yes, I know I have issues). Anyway, the CDs are nearly done, and the iPod should be delivered this week. I'm now working on putting the CDs in storage envelopes and organized in special storage boxes. Anyone need a few hundred jewel cases?

And finally, a praise/prayer request for our family. As many of you know, there was a good possibility that we were going to be relocating as part of my husband's job. Well, it's now official: we'll be moving to south Texas in '09. Don't know the exact timeline, but it will be by July (so we have some time to settle in before school starts). We'll be in the Brownsville area, and hubby will actually be working in Mexico several days a week. It will be blessing for us in many ways, but I also know the next several months will be stressful. The company will take care of the packing and moving, but first we need to get our house ready to go on the market (gulp!) And then there's simply the fact that I've never dealt with a "real" move before (went from my parent's house to college, then got married and lived in an apt for 11 months before moving into this house). Organization is not something that comes easily for me (stop laughing, will ya?!) but will need to hone those skills in the months ahead. So anyway, bottom line is that I'm asking that you'll pray that we use our time and resources wisely (deciding what's worth fixing around here, being able to let go of things that simply aren't worth moving, etc.) Will keep y'all* posted!

*See, I'm already getting ready! :)


Jeff and Meg said...

So you'll have access to Squirt, good tortillas AND mexican vanilla!? That's almost too good to be true! Have you ever used Mexican vanilla? Its the best! I'll keep you in my prayers.

Shay said...

The creamer sounds good, why didn't you bring some to share this morning???
We'll miss you when you go off on your new adventure! I'm not telling E. until I have to.
I love Sara Groves, I'll have to check it out. :)

In Pursuit of His Call said...

- I'm with you on the "inflatable thingees". I often wonder when there's Santa and his reindeers on one side of the yard and a nativity scene on the other!
- I've heard mixed reviews about the Casting Crowns CD...Hmmm...It's on sale on www.christianbook.com for $9.99 and we thought about getting it, but the bad reviews made the CD sound really bad. Will have to rethink and maybe we'll still get it in time for Christmas.
- The Coffeemate Caramel Apple creamer sounds wonderful. I'll have to check it out!
- I like your Christmas ornament idea!
- What an awesome hubby in getting you an iPod! You'll love having all your music right at your finger tips, sermons too!