Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Bits

First off, some silliness from the homefront:

I swear our daughter is trying to make up her own language. She frequently asks me, "Mommy, do you know what -insert random string of sounds here- means?" and then reveals the definition. Some examples (bear with me on the spelling! :) ~
  • attoobo - playing video games in the living room
  • blurkfoha - walking on ice
  • kinnentraction - having to put all your toys away

Yesterday morning, while I was calmly drinking coffee and sorting paperwork, she took a break from playing Polly Pocket to enlighten me further. She asked me what fornicate meant. I choked on my coffee. And then she told me that's when a Mommy says to slow down. Yep, I'm all for slowing down on the fornicating! (insert eye roll here)

Speaking of our daughter, I haven't posted any gratuitous cuteness in awhile, so let me share these few I snapped yesterday. BTW, it's officially now been a year since her brother cut her hair. I've trimmed it several more times, but it really is getting quite long. I'm really disappointed that the curls have vanished, though.

In other news, a boy in our son's class at school recently broke his arm, and now D is constantly thinking he's broken. He slipped on some ice coming home yesterday, and he said his knee was broken. He caught his hand on the toybox lid - and yes, he broke his finger. The one that really cracked me up, though, is when he came to me crying just before dinner. He and his sister bumped heads, and he was quite convinced she'd broken his brain. Oh, the things these kids come up with!

In other son news, he's currently having his first "team sport" experience. We had talked about signing him up for t-ball this spring, but with the move on the horizon we decided to hold off (practice 2 nights a week plus games on the weekend? Nah, too much already squeezed into the schedule). We found out about a basketball program at Salvation Army that seemed pretty good, though: 6 Saturdays, 1 hour each, 30 minutes instruction then 30 minutes of game (although they don't keep score). He's halfway through, and he's enjoying it although I don't know how much he's actually "getting." He's in the 5-7 age bracket, so is the 2nd youngest on his team. The only kid who is younger hasn't actually played yet, as he prefers to sit in the corner and play with the orange cones. Anyway, he's having a hard time with the dribbling, and when he goes to shoot, he doesn't just bend his knees a bit to add a bit of power to his shot - no, he bends so far that his hiney is nearly touching the ground. The coach has been working on everyone keeping their hands up for defense, but D was so thoroughly confused that he was just running around the court looking as though he was being held up. It is so much fun to watch! I really need to post a few pics of him, too. Soon, soon...

One last kid story - as I headed upstairs to shower this morning, the kids were very nicely playing a game with "Word Girl" on in the background. When I came back down, they were sitting on the floor with big, red grins. Guilty grins. They'd eaten an entire container of strawberries (on sale this week at ShopRite 2/$4!) Needless to say, I wasn't exactly thrilled but I did find it very hard not to start laughing at the looks on their faces.

Finally, I have a couple links that I thought I'd pass along (all of which happen to be from Blissfully Domestic): DIY Green Cleaning (using stuff you generally have on hand anyway!), making a very cool personalized playmat from a shower curtain (D is past this now, but he would've loved it!), online swap services, and Weekly Dinner menu plans (complete with linked recipes and shopping list).

Allrighty, I'm outta here!! Off to pack up more of our we-won't-need-this-for-a-couple-months stuff...


Jeff and Meg said...

Fornicate?! That is really funny that she said that...where do they get this stuff?! :)

Shay said...

oh my gosh! that is hilarious!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Another good laugh!

I always said that I needed to learn from you...You always seem to find the humor and positive side to your day and kids...You do certainly deserve that Lemonade Award (I think that's the award I saw you win a few weeks ago).