Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Hearts at Home"

When I had just given birth to our first child, I was feeling rather overwhelmed. I had dreamt of becoming a mother since I was a little girl... yet there I was, so incredibly tired from dealing with our colicky baby, frustrated with how very little I was "doing" and quite frankly missing the workplace a bit. A friend from church loaned me a copy of Professionalizing Motherhood, and I found it soooo encouraging. I've since recommended it to other new moms, and have also found encouragement in the book Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God. So anyway, as I was browsing through blogs last month, I was excited to see that Hearts at Home was starting up a blogging team, and I immediately shot them an email. I'll be sharing posts from them once a month or so, and I pray that all you moms laboring in the home trenches can find encouragement.

Have you ever felt alone as a mom? Lost in your chosen field of mothering?

There is an organization that was created to encourage, educate and equip women in the profession of motherhood. Hearts at Home helps thousands of moms love their lives through their many resources including conferences, website, and books.

Recently I partnered up with this organization as a blogger. Over time I hope to share with you the many resources this ministry has to offer (old ones and new). To learn more about the Hearts at Home Blogging team go here.

In the meantime I would like to encourage you to explore their website and blog for an immediate dose of mothering encouragement.

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Becca said...

I'm eager to check out this website. Thanks for the tip!

Oh, and yes, I noticed today that we were selling at the same time! Fun to do with kids, eh?