Monday, April 20, 2009

What's new?

Well, thought I'd take a moment and share what's been going on. The house is finally on the market (and a few people have asked for pics, which is why I'm posting these) so we've been making ourselves scarce as potential buyers come check it out. Please pray that it sells quickly! Hubby is currently in England - thankfully this is only a 2 week trip (much nicer than the usual 1 month China expeditions). And frankly those 2 things are quite exhausting all by themselves ;)

We had a beautiful weekend (I dug out my flip flops!), but it's now cold and rainy. School is early out this week due to teacher conferences, so we did a library run and are fully stocked with books and movies. And now I really must get dinner in the oven and fold laundry. It's a thrill-a-minute, I tell ya!

Last but not least, a funny little story from yesterday. We went to the park during the Open House, and I saw a man holding a leash but couldn't see anything on the end of it.... but then the ferret popped out. Yep, I always like to take my rodents out for a nice stroll on those sunny days... (I thought of you, Megan!)


Ivy Six-Pack said...

House looks great! I'm a single momy this week too, so I'll think of you often :-)

Jeff and Meg said...

Ah, yes. A ferret on a leash. That is ridiculous!!! And your house looks gorgeous!! Don't you wish you had done some of the fixin' up sooner? :) We keep saying that as we work on the rental house...why didn't we do it while we lived there?! OH, well.

Shay said...

the house looks amazing, and the rodent comment cracked me up!