Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Funny and Random Thoughts

Is there anything better than post-Halloween sales? I thought not. And check out the boy's grin - he's lost 3 teeth in the past few weeks, and a 4th is getting mighty loose. So doggone adorable!

Random bits floating around in my head:
  • I absolutely cannot believe that Thanksgiving is just days away. This warm weather is definitely taking some getting used to - I miss the changing seasons!
  • I've gotten *so* much done these past couple days. It feels good. Still a lot more I want to tackle, but I need to pace myself. And sleep.
  • Hubby comes back tomorrow - HOORAY!
  • Parents arrive Monday night. Our first overnight guests in this house!
  • There is a down side to the warm temps: bugs. Namely, mosquitoes that are gnawing on me and roaches that sneak through open drains - and take advantage of the open door that our children frequently offer when they head outside to play. Shudder.
  • The exterminator was here today. The aforementioned roaches will be dying. Quickly. I feel no remorse for my delight in this fact.
  • The new Behr paint (with the built-in primer) rocks. Pricey, but one coat covers beautifully.
  • I ran errands today, and saw the craziest thing when I was leaving the Wal-Mart lot. I pulled up next to a little Ford ranger and noticed how crowded it seemed with 3 adults in there. And then I saw 2 little heads pop up. Yep, there were 2 kids crammed in there, too, apparently sitting on the floor - and the lady in the passenger seat kept pushing them down like she was resetting a jack-in-the-box. Who cares about those pesky seat belts and child safety laws? And while I'm making a joke, it really did bother me as that particular stretch of road is quite busy and I couldn't help but think what would happen if they were involved in an accident... Your children are precious, people, so guard them fiercely and protect them any way you can!!

Brain sufficiently emptied. Must find mattress now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Jeff and Meg said...

The kids look older already! Glad to hear you are getting stuff accomplished. That always feels so good. I am praying for you guys...keep meaning to email you back but life, you know. Have a great Saturday!