Thursday, February 21, 2013


Holy windy days, Batman!  We've been getting bombarded - it kept the kids up last night as the branches from our large tree kept hitting their bedroom windows, and earlier today I had a hard time pushing my cart of groceries from the store out to my car.  Crazy!  Hubby reminded me that we go through this each February/March as the weather patterns shift around, but obviously I had forgotten how extreme it could be.

We did attend our first tip-o-Tex wedding two weekends ago, and actually will be heading to another one on Sunday afternoon.  Update: we only went to the reception, as the wedding was substantially earlier in the afternoon.  It was quite posh, and I heard several people say it was much nicer than others they had been to.  Some observations:
- the invitation specified "adults only" but basically everyone ignored that, and brought babies in car carriers right up through sullen middle schoolers.
- dinner was scheduled to be served at 6, and then dancing starting at 7.  Dinner was brought out about 6:45 (baked chicken, cubed roasted potatoes, and rice with corn.  Not exactly at Atkins friendly offering!).  Band did not start playing until after 8:30 - people were still arriving, and the waitstaff was still bringing out dinner plates as people straggled in.
- band played a VERY eclectic mix of music.  Started off with country from the early 90s (Hello Brooks and Dunn, haven't thought about you much since high school!), then moved to some Tejano numbers, and after we left apparently they played a lot of stuff from the 70s (Eagles, Steve Miller band, etc.)  It was very funny to watch everyone dance - some people definitely were doing specific dances, and others (like D and me!) are pretty much stalled at the "wrap your arms around me and sway" option.  Lots of middle aged women dancing together (evidently this is much more common in Mexican culture).
- attire was also pretty funny.  There were plenty of short dresses and high heels, as well as cowboy boots/hats, and a few evening gowns along with faded jeans and plain tshirts.  Basically it was IMPOSSIBLE to stand out.

In other news:  please continue to pray for us.  I'm still feeling very "weary" (see previous post, LOL), hubby is dealing with all sorts of craziness at work, and son is struggling at school. Daughter thankfully is doing pretty well other than the occasional emotional outburst.

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