Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some Favorite Things

Sorry, but this won't be an Oprah moment where I give thousands of dollars in merchandise away... just wanting to share a few goodies that I've found useful and/or enjoyable:

- Foot spray (by Earth Therapeutics).  SO cooling and invigorating on those days I'm forced to wear shoes (thankfully I can get by with sandals 90% of the time here).  Also helps with the stinky factor. 'Nuff said. Used to be able to buy this on Walmart, I now either order from Ulta or pick it up at Kohl's. 
- Carmex lip gloss. Doesn't smell like medicine, works just as well as the original.  Also handy for coating noses that are tender and recovering after a cold (hint: apply it to a finger, THEN transfer ;) Found at Target, Walmart, etc.
- Stila lip glaze.  As I'm getting older, I'm realizing that my natural lip color is fading - not exactly earth shattering, but still something I'd noticed.  I don't even remember how I found out about these (magazine at a doctor's office? blog?) but I now have several colors and carry one in my purse.  It goes on a bit gummy, but I love the sheer color it gives (and application is much more forgiving than with regular lipstick).
- Revlon Colorstay: base coat + color.  I don't often wear nail polish, as it seems to chip off so quickly (my nails are super flexible, and I'm pretty hard on them).  I read about this line in a magazine, and they said that the testers were surprised by the results, as it was good for a week and a half with minor touch ups.  Splurged on one color, and now own four.  I still don't wear nail polish every day, but this stuff really is pretty awesome.
- Garnier Frucits style Surf Wax.  Since I'm now sporting a heavy bang and live in a super windy area, I was on the lookout for something to use in my bangs that was cheap and effective but not hard and helmety.  Had a conversation with a random lady in the Target Hair Care aisle and she told me her son loves this stuff.  So yes, I basically took the second-hand recommendation of a teenage boy.  And know what, I'm glad I listened!  I give my wet hair a once over with mousse or spray gel, blow dry my bangs for approx 90 seconds, then spend another minute finger styling it with this stuff.  It's touchable, but I can "direct" it.  This little pot has lasted over six months.

Anyone have any favorites they'd care to pass along?

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Shay said...

oooo, good finds! I use the Garnier Fructis in a little pot but mine is the 'fiber gum putty'. (sounds like a wood working product!)