Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching up: Mini golf, go carts, and bumper boats

The day after school got out, we headed to the "big city' (about 45 minutes away) and PLAYED!  I scored a great deal online, and we had three hours of riding go carts, bumper boats, and playing mini golf.  We went with A's best friend and her Mom (who's also a good friend of mine) and we had a ball. We did get a teensy bit sunburned (ouch!) but still totally worth it.  The kids couldn't believe it when "the moms" did the bumper boats - D told me quite emphatically that only kids were allowed... proved him wrong! ;)  We capped off our afternoon with a late lunch at Red Robin (a favorite from back in our days in PA), and it turned out they were holding a classic car show in their parking lot, so we even got to check that out.

Happy summer!

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