Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Catching Up (again!)

OK, I know I haven't said much in awhile. Yep, sometimes real life takes precedence over the computer one (gasp!)

So what's been happening here? We headed down to Delaware for Easter, part 2, on Saturday. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins (although our son was running a fever, so was much more subdued than usual) and although it wasn't super warm, the kids still had a ball with the easter egg hunt. Like our two little egg fiends? (Yes, they love hats and playing dress-up in general. In fact, we came home with quite a box of dress-up supplies, and a promise of more to come!) My hubby stayed home with the kiddos on Sunday morning (didn't want to pass on whatever little virus our son had), but I was off to church to teach the preschool class. The scheduled teacher's son was sick, and since I didn't have much time to prepare, we watched VeggieTales An Easter Carol and talked more about the message of Easter. In other church news, we'll be moving to our new building the first week of May. I don't think that reality has really hit yet - there's still a lot to be done, but obviously some things just have to wait until we're actually there. Please pray for our body during this transition period.

Had major rains on Sunday as part of that Nor'easter, and even some snow early Monday morning. Our backyard still has a lot of standing water, so I'm keeping the kids inside. Hopefully it will dry out soon!

And in the continuing drama known as "Trish's Mouth," the crown that was just reattached on Thursday (yes, this is the same one that we've been hassling with for well over a month now, including a root canal) came off while I was eating a piece of bread, and unfortunately I didn't realize until I had already swallowed. Yep, down the hatch. So now back to the dentist's office on Thursday morning to have a new crown made. Thankfully we don't have to pay for it (there's NOOO way it should have come off like that!), but it's still just one more thing...

There's still a lot I need to get done around here, and I still have the great talk from several weeks ago at MOPS that I want to share, but it will just have to wait a bit longer. Hope you all have a great day!!

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

The kiddos look so darn cute in their costumes!!! Dress-up is so much fun!!!

I can't wait to hear about this MOPS talk!