Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Funny

Top Ten Signs You May Be A Tuckered Out Mom

10. There are enough Cheerios and cheese fishies in the bottom of your purse to serve as a week's desert rations for a family of five.

9. You just left the grocery store and called back to the checker, "Night, night."

8. You have more credit cards in your DVD player than in your wallet.

7. Your wildest fantasy involved sleeping in, flossing and going to the bathroom alone.

6. You're in therapy over Steve leaving Blue's Clues.

5. You refer to anything short of a skull fracture as an "owie."

4. Your last memory of true relaxation was your epidural.

3. Your current hairstyle includes at least one variety of finger food.

2. You just asked the waiter, "Where's your potty?"

1. You recently welcomed guests into your home only to find feminine hygiene products stuck to your front door in the shape of Elmo's head.

(from Christian Humor Writers)

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